You Wouldn't Rather

Hola Bitcholas, Did you happen to catch our most recent BIG dummy DAY? As always, we conducted a scientific, error-free, concise, analytical survey we call The Mens Room Poll. Our last poll was this: 'One of these songs plays EVERYTIME you have sex; do you pick: - Sara McLachlan... Angel" - Barney...
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When Women Tell ALL

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked, "Where did you have the sex?". Couple of news stories inspired the question, so we asked and we got answers. Oh, we got answers. A guy called to tell us that he had sex with his girlfriend IN THE SAME BED AS HIS SNORING MOTHER! No. This bothers me for reason I...
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What Thing Did You NOT Need to See?

Hola Bitcholas, The world is full of weird people who make odd decisions. We came across a story about a guy who was arrested because he wouldn't stop masturbating in a Burger King. Cops in NYC are looking for a dude who stood in the middle of a subway masturbating. In Florida, a guy robbed a bank...
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