Steve Miller

New Steve Miller Music!

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer/Guitar God, Steve Miller has a new Album coming out on 9/15! Steve's new stuff will be called -Steve Miller's "Ultimate Hits", featuring all kinds of alternate versions of his tunes, plus an unreleased "Space Cowboiy! Very cool...Can't wait to hear the new Miller. Gotta...
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Classic Rock (Still) Rules The Road in Summer!

Once again this Spring & Summer, Classic Rockers will be hitting the road to perform their time-tested and beloved songs to appreciative audiences who will gladly travel back in time with them. Summer tours have already been announced by Journey, Foreigner, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Santana,...
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April Fools! Playlist

My girlfriend, Natalee, is *BIG* on playlists. I'm not kidding; I think she has a playlist for everything. We're looking at buying a house; She has a "house hunting" playlist. So, it's no wonder that when April Fool's Day rolls around, my mind starts thinking of songs I'd put on a "playlist." There...
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