Vinyl Reissue

Still Have/Listen To Vinyl LPs? You'll Want These 2 PINK FLOYD Re-Issues!

PINK FLOYD continues it's ambitious re-release program of all of their albums on vinyl with the announcement that 2 more (1980's-era) Floyd albums are set for release on November 17th. The release of the 'Greatest Hits' package, 'A Collection of Great Dance Songs,' and the 'live' ' Delicate Sound...
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Still LOVE Your Vinyl LP's? Still LOVE ZZ TOP?

Out of all of the ways that Music Lovers have (and have had) to enjoy their music--vinyl albums & 45 rpm 'singles,' , 8-track tapes, cassettes, CD's, mp3's, etc. it's the self-proclaimed 'Vinyl Junkies' that have helped their favorite music medium stay popular and relevant...And with those fans...
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Duane Allman Career Retrospective Being Released on Vinyl

DUANE ALLMAN is one of the most important guitarists in Rock/Blues History. He died back in 1971 at the tender age of 24, and his legacy has continued to grow in the decades since his untimely death. The release(s) of 'The Duane Allman Anthologies' ( I-1972 and II-1974) served to expand fan's...
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