Smelly Below the Belly

Hola Bitcholas, People have very often requested, asked and/ or demanded that we install a webcam in the studio. The general sentiment is that people want to watch us do the show. That's very flattering, but seriously, it's not exciting to watch; we're just sitting in chairs talking...but also,...
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Thill's Big Brown Blog Moves

Hola, What a day, bitches. Craziness going on everywhere...most of it good sh*t, so no complaints. However, after months of waiting, weeks of being alone here and days of absolute chaos, this was our last day at the KISW studios. Well, we're still at KISW, but the stations studios will finally be...
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WATCH: Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney Hit the Studio

Former Beatles members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr hit the studio together this weekend, according to Starr’s social media accounts.Thanks for coming over man and playing Great bass. I love you man peace and love. --✌️------☮— #RingoStarr (@ringostarrmusic) February 20...
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