The Best of TV Time!

Best of TV Time: 6/26-6/30/17 Sometimes when you first meet someone you don't get along. Well it turns out that Al Roker and Matt Lauer did not get off to a great start back in the day. I...
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ICYMI: The Best of TV Time with Ted!

BEST OF TV TIME: 6/5 - 6/9/17 Golf is great for getting out in nature, but sometimes nature is too friendly. Steak!!!! Everyone loves it, but do you love steak as much as this kitten? Some people are huggers like me, but some people like Jerry do not hug...Kesha finds out the hard way. Everyone has...
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Loverboy Star In National Car Rental Commercial (Video)

Loverboy have released a new (old) song called "Some Like It Hot" which guitarist Paul Dean rescued from the vaults. Originally written in the late '70s, the song is available now through all digital retailers and can be streamed HERE. Loverboy are also starring in a new National Car Rental...
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