Roctober 2017

Happy Roctober! Every day in Roctober, we'll feature a classic rocker in sets, plus their live concert performances! Make sure you print your Roctober calendar here ... It's Roctober on 96.5 WCMF...Happy Classic Rocking!
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ROC-The-Votober 2016 on WCMF

ROC The Votober is here. In early November, the presidential candidates will have their final showdown. But the real issues will be answered all month as we tackle the real issues that affect you; What was Led Zeppelins Best Album? Does Love Hurt, Stink or Bite? Do you prefer REO - ELO or ELP? All...
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ROCTOBER is Coming!

The arrival of the Fall Season brings a lot of things: cooler weather, football & hockey season, Halloween, and the month that is dedicated to The Best Classic Rockers! Yes, it's time for "ROCTOBER" again on WCMF! ALL of the "A-Listers" of Classic Rock get an entire day featuring their timeless...
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