Ozzy Osbourne,Sharon

Ozzy Osbourne's First 'Ozz-Fest' Was 20 Years Ago!

What's a Heavy Metal Rock & Roll performer to do when, in the mid-1990's, there didn't seem to be a 'Festival' or similar musical event that catered to Headbangers? Well, while OZZY OSBOURNE was scratching his head, it was his wife, Sharon that came up with the idea of a multiple-act concert...
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Kelly Osbourne's "There Is No Secret" Book Due April 25

April 25 sees the release of "There is No F*cking Secret: Letters From A Badass Bitch", the new memoir from Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly. In the book, the 32-year-old TV personality shares stories through a series of letters detailing everything from her mom Sharon's cancer to "The View" racism...
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