STEVEN TYLER's 'Out On A Limb' Documentary Premieres In Nashville

"Nashville is a key part of my musical journey and has had an influential place in my career, so this recognition from the city is a tremendous honor." So said legendary Aerosmith singer/front man, STEVEN TYLER after ' Steven Tyler Day' was proclaimed in Nashville in advance of the first showing of...
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Nashville Tribute to MERLE HAGGARD Brings Out The Guitar Stars.

The great American singer/songwriter, MERLE HAGGARD died 1 year ago (April 6, 2016) on the same date as he was born, and yesterday on that sad anniversary, ( and what would have been Haggard's 80th birthday ) Nashville paid tribute to one of American Music's most legendary, iconic figures. Among...
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Hear Bob Seger's New Tribute Song To Glenn Frey

Rock legend Bob Seger has released "Glenn Song", a tribute to his friend and late Eagles member Glenn Frey. The short, sparse song was recorded at Nashville's Ocean Way Studios and Seger comments, "It's obviously not meant to be a hit. There's no chorus per se or title section or anything. The idea...
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