Mike Hawk

Overheard in the Orifice

Hola Bitcholas, It's hard to explain the work environment here. Not the show itself...that is exactly what it sounds like. I'm talking about our collective office space. Everyone, except Mike Hawk, is gathered in one space. Mike Hawk, by the way, spends his time in a studio doing his audio wizardry...
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Hawk on Hawk Action: Drafted

Hey 12s! We’ve made it through the draft and it looks like the Seahawks came out on the other side shinning bright! Let’s dive right into it and break this down Offensive Line FINALLY! We’ve been saying this forever! The Seahawks offensive line needs a little juice. Now it’s arguable that some...
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Hawk on Hawk Action: Releasing the Beast

What's up 12s So, it is now official, we have just traded one of the greatest running backs that we have seen in the last decade, the beast himself, Marshawn Lynch. Now there are mixed feeling all over the spectrum about this particular subject and I just wanted to share my thoughts. Let me just...
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