Guns N Roses

Ooops! Guns N' Roses Booed in Australia

Tuesday night (Feb 14th) it seems everything went wrong for Axl, Slash & Duff. They were already an hour late getting onstage (are Axl's true colors shining back through?) when their guitar tech and longtime announcer McBob shouted "Sydney!” Except they were in Melbourne. Cue the booing fans...
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WATCH: Angus Young Performs with Guns N Roses

Last night in Australia (the opening line of every good story), Guns N’ Roses performed at ANZ Stadium in Sydney as a part of the “Not in This Lifetime Tour.” But this wasn’t just any performance—they brought legendary AC/DC guitarist Angus Young on-stage, and it. Was. Awesome.After Axl Rose...
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Axl Rose - the new Nice Guy?

Aliens must have abducted the real Axl Rose...because this can't be him. Can it?! The Guns N' Roses and now AC/DC singer is not only showing up and doing shows on time these days, he's turning into a genuine Nice Guy. Rose's latest good deed was reaching out to an 18-year-old waitress in who was...
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