Greatest Rock Albums Ever

Social Media Classic Rock Fans Choose 'Greatest Album of All Time...'

It's always a fun discussion when you and your Classic Rock-inclined friends opine on what should be considered the 'Greatest Rock Album Ever...' It's also frequently 'debated' on social media, and that is where the latest 'crowning' of a legendary Classic Rock album as 'The Greatest' has been...
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Why "Who's Next" Remains MY FAVORITE (C'mon, YOUR's too...) Album from The Who

Video of The Who Behind Blue Eyes Young Vic 1971 In a nutshell: The Who capture in the studio, the sheer VOLUME & intensity of their 'Live' performance that was unleashed upon fans with the 1970 album release, "Live At Leeds." Pete Townshend's newly found fondness for synthesizers added '...
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