Eddie Van Halen

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen and his son/bassist Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen Completes Debut Solo Album

Wolfgang Van Halen is ready to carve out a name for himself with his debut solo album.
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EDDIE VAN HALEN Unveils, Markets 3 new 'Tribute Guitars'

Earlier this year marked the 40th anniversary of the debut album from VAN HALEN , one of the most explosive and 'game-changing' Rock & Roll albums ever released...To mark the milestone anniversary of the LP, Eddie Van Halen has designed 3 'tribute guitars' that were all modeled after the same...
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EDDIE VAN HALEN Sues To Stop Release of Unauthorized Video.

The idea was to shoot a documentary for a 'DVD or Video project' about VAN HALEN that dates to about the time that Eddie Van Halen was rehearsing with his son Wolfgang and brother Alex after (original) Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony left the group. After viewing what had been recorded, Eddie...
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Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen Messes with Instagram User Posing as Dad Eddie Van Halen

Looks like someone’s posing as Eddie Van Halen, and his son (and Van Halen bassist) Wolfgang Van Halen is not okay with it.
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Van Halen in concert at the Amway center in Orlando Florida; with original singer David Lee Roth. The group is on their 2012 North America Tour

WATCH: Wolfgang Van Halen Covers "Eruption" in Honor of its 40th Anniversary

Eddie Van Halen’s iconic instrumental “Eruption” was recorded 40 years ago this weekend, and in honor of the song’s birthday, Wolfgang Van Halen—who’s been with Van Halen since he was just 15—played a flawless rendition of the jam … on the same guitar it was recorded on.
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WATCH: Kids Recreate the Recording of Van Halen's Debut Album in One Day

In just 7 months from its release, Van Halen ’s 1978 self-titled debut album was certified platinum. And in just one day in 2017, the Los Rios Rock School students recorded the entire album in Sunset Sound’s Studio 1—the same room where the original album was recorded.
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Good Wife!

I came across this shot from The South Beach Wine and Food Festival of former Mrs Eddie Van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli. Val was teaching everyone how to cook down on Miami Beach last year. Not only is she a cool chick, she's a fine Chef and a Rock and Roll Chick to boot! Eddie Van Halen... c'mon you...
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Bassist MICHAEL ANTHONY: "Time Is Right" for a VH Reunion...

In the acrimonious and unpleasant "Divorce" that tore VAN HALEN asunder back in 2004, SAMMY HAGAR ended up with "custody" of VH Bassist, MICHAEL ANTHONY , who has been with The Red Rocker since, performing alongside Sammy Hagar in the bands CHICKENFOOT and The CIRCLE ... Now, in a recent interview...
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6 Bands with Sibling Band Members

When it comes to family, we often have more in common with each other than we’d like to admit. That rings especially true with siblings, with whom we may look, act, and sound alike. And as far as sound goes, many siblings recognize that and go on to create incredible music together. In honor of...
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7 Of The Greatest Golf Handicaps In Rock

Sometimes even some of the world's greatest rockers need a break from their busy schedules of debauchery. Some invest their off time in fine wines, businesses, acting, or other arts, while others will happily try to take each other down in the calming sport of golf! Adrian Young - No Doubt,...
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