Def Leppard

Are Stone Temple Pilots Close To Announcing A New Vocalist?

Stone Temple Pilots may be close to announcing the name of their new lead singer as rumors are flying that Filipino vocalist John Borja has been given the job. Borja indicated on Facebook that he recently took a trip to the U.S. and also posted a photo of himself with STP bassist Robert DeLeo and...
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Def Leppard Concert Review - Through The Eyes Of My 9-Year-Old Son

I took my 9-year-old son Zander (aka "Z") to the Def Leppard / REO Speedwagon / Tesla concert last night at Pepsi Center. This was his first big arena rock show, so I thought I would write my review through his eyes. This was Def Leppard show #24 for me, so I was much more interested in his...
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Celebrating 500 Rock Concerts Tonight At Red Rocks

I'm attending my 500th rock concert tonight - Hall & Oates at Red Rocks Amphitheater with my daughter. 500 is more than most, far less than others - but worthy of 10 random thoughts, stats and memories… 1 - FIRST CONCERT KISS w/ Vandenberg and Riot. 1/14/84 at Convention Center Arena in San...
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Watch Def Leppard Perform On American Bandstand In 1983 (#TBT)

Def Leppard promoted the release of their 1983 breakthrough album Pyromania with an appearance on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" and the classic footage can be seen below. In addition to lip syncing their singles "Photograph" and "Rock Of Ages", the members of the band were also interviewed by...
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April Fools! Playlist

My girlfriend, Natalee, is *BIG* on playlists. I'm not kidding; I think she has a playlist for everything. We're looking at buying a house; She has a "house hunting" playlist. So, it's no wonder that when April Fool's Day rolls around, my mind starts thinking of songs I'd put on a "playlist." There...
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