Crowley Rock Life

The Future Tommy Mule

Dateline - Saturday November 19th, 2016 - Kenner Louisiana. I'd like you to meet today's Rock Life Subject and what we can expect Tommy Mule to turn into in the next few years - 78 year old Robert Scott. Trust me...when you hear this story, it's got Tommy Mule written all over it. Well, old Bob was...
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If I Only Had a Brain

Dateline, Cumberland Pennsylvania - Friday, July 15th, 2016. Meet today's Rock Life Subject and the reason I think Zombies will soon be a real thing - 26 year old Joshua Lee Long. Josh has a problem. Like a lot of people, he's an addict. And like a lot of addicts he'll go to great lengths to get...
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Rock Life Story

Dateline, Des Moines Iowa, Monday May 27th 2016 - Memorial Day! Over the years, a lot of guys have probably thought about porking their father's girlfriend. I mean, if you grew up in the 80's that was a subplot in countless movies. But usually the circumstances surrounding the porking of said...
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