Horton's Tim Butts, Anyone?

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked "why was it your worst day at work?". The inspiration for our question is the thing. There's a video floating around the all-encompassing ether from a Tim Horton's in British Columbia, Canada. The video is closed circuit, so there was no audio, but the body language...
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Tired of All Those 'Extra Fees' On Concert Tix? So are Canadians.

I'm guessing that many of you have no doubt experienced the excitement and anticipation of a favorite performer coming to your town, and making the necessary arrangements to buy tickets. You make note of the posted ticket prices and the date of sale and you're all ready, except that when purchase...
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Happy Canada Day!

Happy 241st Birthday America! As we celebrate this weekend and on our Birthday Tuesday, remember our friends across Lake Ontario! Saturday July 1st is Canada Day! This holiday is a great big celebration for our northern neighbours. Canada is 150 years old! Here's the 411 on Canada Day... EH! Video...
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