Angus Young

Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams from AC/DC

New AC/DC Album Will Include Guitar Riffs from Malcolm Young

AC/DC's new album will feature guitar from the late Malcolm Young, the band's co-founder.
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Gretsch Guitars To Issue Malcolm Young 'Tribute' Model

There are many irrefutable facts about Heritage Aussie Rockers AC/DC , chief among them that the band is one of the greatest rock/boogie bands ever, Angus Young is an amazing guitarist, and that the band is loved and revered the world over. Also: Angus Young's brother Malcolm was one of the...
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AC/DC Producer George Young Dead at 70

George Young — Easybeats guitarist, AC/DC producer, and brother of Angus and Malcom Young —died this past Sunday, October 22 at the age of 70. AC/DC made the announcement earlier this morning with a statement on Facebook (below), saying there would’ve been no AC/DC without him.
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AXL ROSE's Buddy, ANGUS YOUNG, Joins GN'R On Stage In Germany

In the past, GUNS N' ROSES were notorious for starting shows late... very late. Sometimes, the tardiness of the start of the concerts was largely due to the tardiness of the performers, and that often led to some angry crowds, which sometimes led to violence and destruction. These days with GN'R ,...
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6 Bands with Sibling Band Members

When it comes to family, we often have more in common with each other than we’d like to admit. That rings especially true with siblings, with whom we may look, act, and sound alike. And as far as sound goes, many siblings recognize that and go on to create incredible music together. In honor of...
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