Aero-Verderci Tour

AEROSMITH bids "Aero-Vederci" to Israel as European Tour Starts!

AEROSMITH has 'back-pedaled' a bit on whether or not the heritage rockers will mount a "Farewell Tour" in the U.S., with JOE PERRY stating recently (and repeatedly) that he felt that the band may still "have 1 or 2 albums left in them..." So, don't look for the "Bad Boys of Boston" on the road here...
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NO AEROSMITH Tour THIS year, BUT...Maybe a NEW album!

Well, at least we now know FOR SURE that there won't be any kind of AEROSMITH tour this year, "Farewell" or otherwise.... However, AEROSMITH fans can expect a new album! The latest from the Boston Bad Boys, is that while they are still going to carry on with their "Aero-Verderci Tour" in Europe,...
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