30th Anniversary Reissue

GEOFF TATE Responds To Question Of Rejoining QUEENSRYCHE

It's been 7 years since the acrimonious split between Seattle Rockers QUEENSRYCHE and original singer, GEOFF TATE ...and in that time span, both parties have moved on, each releasing albums, touring, and generally doing their thing. Geoff Tate is currently prepping for his 2020 tour of Europe ,...
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MOTLEY CRUE Announces 'Dr. Feelgood' 30th Anniversary Edition

MOTLEY CRUE 's 5th studio album, 'Dr. Feelgood' gave us some of the hard rockin' band's most memorable songs: 'Kickstart My Heart ,' ' Same Old Situation (S.O.S.) , and of course, the LP's title track. 'Dr. Feelgood' is The Crue's only #1 album, and it's recent 30th anniversary will be commemorated...
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KEITH RICHARDS' Debut Solo Album Gets Reissued For It's 30th Anniversary

Back in 1988, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were famously not getting along. At that time, Keith decided that maybe it was time for a 'break,' so he took one, and recorded his first-ever solo album, 'Talk Is Cheap.' In an interview w/ Rolling Stone Magazine at the time, Keith said, "I found that I...
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