TRIUMPH's 'Allied Forces' Album Turns 35!

(that OTHER, Great Canadian Rock & Roll Trio!)

September 19, 2016

TRIUMPH's "Allied Forces" album, released 35 years ago in 1981, shows what can be done when a band is NOT "under the gun" of deadlines, expectations, and ultimatums set by their Big Record Company. Following the disappointing (and rush-recorded) "Progressions of Power" album in 1980, TRIUMPH knew that they had to deliver on their next album, OR, they might not be given the chance to record another one after that. Deliver they did! The band's 5th studio album remains at the top of the "Favorite Album" list for Triumph Fans, and the success of the songs "Magic Power," & "Fight The Good Fight" helped TRIUMPH to regain some of the traction that they had lost from the lack of sales/interest of the previous album. Not only that, but when their videos for those songs made it on to MTV, it served to increase their fan base and add new fans to their legions.

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