METALLICA To Receive Sweden's Polar Music Prize!

Prestigious award often considered 'Music's Nobel Prize.'

February 16, 2018

© Vangelis

The Swedish News site, The Local has announced that Heavy Metal Icons (and all around swell dudes) METALLICA will receive this year’s Polar Music Prize! The Polar Music Prize is often considered ‘Music’s Nobel Prize,’ and The Metallicats join a very distinguished group of previous winners that include: Sir Paul McCartney (the 1st recipient in 1992), Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, B.B. King, Pink Floyd, and many other iconic musicians and performers not only in Rock, but Jazz and Classical music as well. (See the complete list of Polar Prize winners here) That’s some pretty heady company! The prize was established in Sweden in 1989 by (ABBA manager) Stig Anderson, and every year since then, the Polar Music Prize is awarded to 2 ‘Laureates'—one for Contemporary music and one for Classical. The (international) prize, as described by the Swedish Royal Academy of Music is "awarded for significant achievements in music and/or musical activity, or for achievements which are found to be of great potential importance for music or musical activity. Additionally, the stated goal of the prize is to "break down musical boundaries by bringing together people from all the different worlds of music.” In praise of Metallica, the Academy noted, "Not since Wagner’s emotional turmoil and Tchaikovsky’s cannons has anyone created music that is so physical and furious, and yet still so accessible." Each of the individual Metallica members will receive one million Swedish kronor ($125,000) at a televised gala in Stockholm on June 14th in the presence of King Carl XVI Gustaf.  Drummer Lars Ulrich (Born in Denmark) was thrilled with the recognition, remarking, "It’s a great validation of everything that Metallica has done over the last 35 years".  Lars went on to say that Metallica is far from over, and the band feels that they have a lot of good years left. Rock On, Metallica!