How Sam Reinhart compares with his draft class

February 7, 2018

Joe DiBiase reporting

Time certainly moves quickly. We're coming up on 4 years since Sam Reinhart was selected 2nd overall by the Sabres in the 2014 NHL Draft. It took Reinhart a year to become a regular in the NHL, and he's put up some decent numbers as a young player. This year he has regressed. To the point where there have been several reports saying that teams have inquired about his availability for trade. Meanwhile many in his draft class have had great success on other teams. Like we did with Jack Eichel a few weeks ago, it's time to look at how Reinhart compares to his fellow 2014 draftees. 


1.) Aaron Ekblad - Defenseman - Flordia Panthers (1st overall)
Games Played: 278

2.) Leon Draisaitl - Center - Buffalo Sabres (3rd overall)
Games Played: 238

3.) David Pastrnak - Left Wing - Boston Bruins (25th overall)
Games Played: 223

4.) Sam Reinhart - Center/Wing - Buffalo Sabres (2nd overall)
Games Played: 220

T5.) Dylan Larkin - Center - Red Wings (15th overall)
Games Played: 212

T5.) Sam Bennett - Center - Flames (4th overall)
Games Played: 212


1.) Leon Draisaitl - Center - Edmonton Oilers (3rd overall)
Points: 182

2.) David Pastrnak - Left Wing - Boston Bruins (25th overall)
Points: 173

3.) Nikolaj Ehlers - Left Wing - Winnipeg Jets (9th overall)
Points: 141

4.) Dylan Larkin - Center - Detroit Red Wings (12th overall)
Points: 116

T5.) Aaron Ekblad - Defenseman - Florida Panthers (1st overall)
Points: 115

T5.) Willie Nylander - Left Wing - Toronto Maple Leafs (8th overall)
Points: 115

7.) Sam Reinhart - Center/Wing - Buffalo Sabres (2nd overall)
Points: 113


1.) David Pastrnak - Right Wing - Boston Bruins (25th overall)
Goals: 80

2.) Leon Draisaitl - Center - Edmonton Oilers (3rd overall)
Goals: 63

3.) Nikolaj Ehlers - Left Wing - Winnipeg Jets (9th overall)
Goals: 60

3.) Viktor Arvidsson - Right Wing - Nashville Predators (112th overall)
Goals: 56

4.) Sam Reinhart - Center/Wing - Buffalo Sabres (2nd overall)
Goals: 50 goals

5.) Dylan Larkin - Center - Detroit Red Wings (12th overall)
Goals: 48


1.) Leon Draisaitl - Center - Edmonton Oilers (3rd overall)
Assists: 119

2.) David Pastrnak - Right Wing - Boston Bruins (25th overall)
Assists: 93

3.) Nikolaj Ehlers - Left Wing - Winnipeg Jets (9th oveall)
Assists: 81

4.) Willie Nylander - Left Wing - Toronto Maple Leafs (8th overall)
Assists: 75

T5.) Aaron Ekblad - Defenseman - Florida Panthers (1st overall)
Assists: 68

T5.) Dylan Larkin - Center - Detroit Red Wings (12th overall)
Assists: 68

7.) Sam Reinhart - Center - Buffalo Sabres (2nd overall)
Assists: 63

Tim Murray picked Reinhart 2nd overall right in front of Leon Draisaitl, who arguably is the best player from that draft with Aaron Ekblad. Reinhart could end up being the first player from the top 5 in 2014 to be traded. Both his name and Sam Bennett's have been attached to trade rumors at times. Reinhart really hasn't played the position he was drafted to play either. There have been a couple stretches where he did play center, but for the most part Reinhart has played wing. 

Reinhart is not going to be as good as other 2nd overall picks like Jack Eichel, Tyler Seguin, Victor Hedman, Drew Doughty, etc. However, could he end up being as good of a player as the Gabriel Landeskog's and Jordan Staal's of the world? Reinhart has had that kind of production at times, but the consistency hasn't been there. Especially this year when he's had seven 5-game stretches not scoring. Just 23 points in 53 games is definitely not the kind of production you should be getting from a 2nd overall pick.