JOE PERRY Questions Wisdom Of/Need For New AEROSMITH LP.

Time constraints, Desire to re-visit rarely-played songs among factors.

February 6, 2018

Yulia Grigoryeva

The last album of all new material from AEROSMITH was 2012's 'Music From Another Dimension,' you know...the album that had the, I don't remember any of them. (You probably don't either) With lots of BIG plans on the horizon for the veteran Boston Rockers (Las Vegas residency, new tour, Joe's solo career), the onus of having a new album, or at the very least, a few new Aerosmith songs is weighing on the band...The possibility of a new Aerosmith album has been mentioned a number of times by various band members since their last album, and it's quite likely that the recording process has been started on some, but to date there's been no new music released. In a recent interview with on-line site JOE PERRY both questioned the "point" of recording a new Aerosmith album and at the same time, acknowledged that “I don’t know if we have time to do a whole record, but Steven [Tyler] and I have talked about getting together and at least throwing some stuff out before we start up again." While there have been no 'official' band meetings on the subject, Perry feels that all are in favor of having at least a few new songs to trot out when they hit the road later this year. However, Joe Perry has valid reasons for being 'on the fence' in terms of a new album; In the interview, Joe brings up the point that there are songs in the Aerosmith catalog that have either not been played in a very looong time, or never at all, and he'd like to possibly revisit some of those. Specifically, Joe said, "We've got all these songs that we've already written that have been on these albums that we'd love to play that no one's ever heard before. And I certainly love recording, and I could see it happening.”  So Aero-Force Members...we wait & see.   Rock On!