JONATHAN CAIN (Journey) The Latest Rocker To Release Memoir.

'Don't Stop Believin' Due May 1st.

February 1, 2018

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If you're a player in a Rock & Roll band, and you survive all the drama, success, pratfalls, tragedies, and everything else that goes with that line of work, what you do after all of that is...write a memoir! JONATHAN CAIN, Keyboardist/Singer/Songwriter for JOURNEY is the latest musician to follow that path, and his memoir titled, 'Don't Stop Believin' is set for publication on May 1st. Cain famously joined up with Journey after a try at a solo career and a fairly successful run with The Babys, and his impact with the group was felt almost immediately as Cain co-wrote (w/ Steve Perry & Neal Schon) the songs for their massively successful 'Escape' album. (Factoid: Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' remains the most-downloaded digital catalog song of all time!) Cain's book covers a number of topics including his joining the band, the exit of Steve Perry in 1987, tragic events early in his life that had a lasting impact, as well as aspects of his personal life. Cain also discusses "the legacy he hopes to leave through his music." Of his relationship with Steve Perry, Cain writes, “It was kind of divine intervention that the Lord would bring me to this guy that could just sing like that, and how many things we had in common and how much we loved just writing great songs," Cain told Billboard in a new interview. "It was just magical. I wanted to show the reader that I got lifted up and swept into this vortex of greatness and was in the studio making 'Escape' with a band I hadn't played a note with. I can't make that up. It happened. I want the reader to know just how supernatural that felt, and how after the years of rejection and failed attempts at trying to be a solo artist and trying to take my music down the road that I'm part of something this cool." Jonathan Cain's very public Twitter feud w/ band mate Neal Schon is now 'water under the bridge,' with Mr. Cain acknowedging, “The music is bigger than us, bigger than all this stuff and the fans are more important than all that stuff. ... I’m just out there for the fans. I’m out there for the legacy.”  The memoir, written with Travis Thrasher is available for pre-order, and Journey's tour with Def Leppard begins in May. Rock On, Jonathan Cain!