GENESIS Keyboardist TONY BANKS Reconsiders Reunion.

Conversation rekindled after Banks sees Phil Collins perform...

January 26, 2018

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ANY time a reunion of Prog-Rock/Art Rock Giants GENESIS is mentioned, it gets their fans salivating...Well, break out the bibs again 'cause GENESIS member TONY BANKS recently mentioned that after seeing his friend and band mate, PHIL COLLINS perform recently, the original member of the heritage English band said that he "does not rule it (a reunion) out at all." Banks saw Mr. Collins perform recently at the Royal Albert Hall in London, exclaiming that "the show was great and the music, the band is fantastic.The show itself is very good too. It was great fun to see him.”  Phil Collin's widely-reported physical limitations resulting from a back injury had sidelined the singer/drummer/somgwriter for a number of years (he 'retired' in 2011, then resumed touring in 2017), and his performances now do not involve any drumming on his part... In a recent radio interview (listen/watch below), Banks said, "a year or two ago I would have thought he was never going to be out there again,” Banks said in the interview. “He found a way to do it. It involves quite a static performance, but his voice sounds great, and his music still sounds fantastic and everything." So, does this mean that a Genesis reunion will happen? Not so fast... Banks notes the advanced age of the individual members, and emphasized that it would have to be (creatively) "worthwhile" to do. Banks also points out a very important consideration for the band: Phil Collins is the band's drummer, and he no longer can play them... Banks says that “a 'version' of a Genesis show could be delivered, but, he added, “The trouble is he’s our drummer, you must remember that, and he can’t drum anymore, so that’s a slight problem.” For his current solo tour, Collins has his son Nic behind the kit, but whether that would translate into the younger Collins joining his dad and Messrs. Banks & Rutherford in Genesis has not been ruled out. There is also the possibility that they could enlist the percussion services of long-time touring drummer, Chester Thompson, so we'll just have to wait & see. In the meantime, Banks is about to release a new, orchestral album (w/ the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and Choir) and Phil Collins is on tour in South America thru March. Rock On!

Watch/Listen to the TONY BANKS interview below!