Sabres' Reinhart goes home and continues his hot play

January 26, 2018

(WGR 550) - Sam Reinhart started his season on January 1 in the Winter Classic. For the first three months of the season he was nowhere to be found, but in January he has five goals and four assists for nine points in 11 games.

The goal he scored tonight in Vancouver is a perfect example of what he does when he's good. The puck and players all went to the net and Reinhart was in the area where goals are scored. He pounced on Scott Wilson's rebound for his 10th of the season. It had to have been a special goal because Vancouver is Reinhart's home.

It's nice to see him around the net again. If he's going to score goals, he needs to have that net-front presence. It helps screen the goaltender and allows him collect rebounds.

Playing this way may help Jason Botterill find a trade partner if he feels that's the direction he wants to go. When I talk to scouts about Reinhart, almost every single one of them asks if he can keep up. His skating is the thing that could be the deciding factor either before Feb. 26 or in the off-season.

In the three wins out west, Robin Lehner and Chad Johnson stopped 95 of 96 pucks. Lehner had back-to-back shutouts for the first time in his career.

The Sabres gave up the first goal of the trip in Edmonton and then scored the final 11 goals. The Sabres did a great job earning their first three game winning streak of the season. It's also the first time the team swept the teams in Western Canada since 1998.

My postgame talk with Brian Koziol about the Sabres' shutout win over Vancouver.