The Next 'Remastered' METALLICA Re-Issue Set For April!

1987's 'The 5.98 EP-Garage Days Re-Revisited' has been out of print since '89.

January 25, 2018

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Late-2017 saw the release of the Deluxe Edition of METALLICA's 'breakthrough' album, 'Master of Puppets,' remastered and complete with an abundance of 'live' performances and extras. The band's next release won't be as ambitious as the 'Puppets' set, but will still be pretty cool...plans for the release of 'The $5.98 EP-Garage Days Re-Revisited' include the standard CD and digital download, but in a nod to the time period that it originally came from, The '5.98 EP' will also be available on cassette, and numerous vinyl versions (including a picture disc!). The 5 songs on the EP, (out of print since 1989) which were tributes to some of Metallica's influences, were released in between the 'Master of Puppets' and the 'And...Justice For All' discs, and the same songs were later included on 1998's double disc, 'Garage Inc.' The reissue will be available just in time for Record Store Day (April 13th), but Metallicats don't have to wait that long as it can be pre-ordered at the Metallica website. Plus, all pre-orders come with an instant download of the remastered version of the song, 'Wait.' (Listen to it below!) Rock On, Metallica!

Helpless (Diamond Head)

The Small Hours (Holocaust)

The Wait (Killing Joke) ("The Wait"),

Crash Course in Brain Surgery (Budgie)

Last Caress/Green Hell (the Misfits).