MOTLEY CRUE's 2001 Memoir Coming To The Big Screen!

"The Dirt" movie now has a cast and will start filming next month!

January 24, 2018

© Fabio Formaggio |

MOTLEY CRUE's best-selling 2001 memoir, 'The Dirt,' a first-hand account of "the world's most notorious rock band," will apparently finally become a movie! While the process of a book to film transition in Hollywood is never a 'sure thing' until the film hits the screen, it looks as if the 'green light' has been given, now that a cast and director are in place. The book famously presented the whole story of The Crue's early experiences, their meteoric rise to worldwide stardom, and all of the decadence, debuachery, and dizzying exploits one would expect from a band whose members lived their lives (onstage and off) dangerously close to the edge...and survived it all! The success of the book almost immediately prompted discussion of a film adaptation, and it also provided the opening for more books from band members, including pretty straight-forward remembrances from Tommy Lee and Vince Neil, and from Nikki Sixx, a harrowing tell-all book ('The Heroin Diaries') about his descent into drug addiction and his successful ascent out of it. (Nikki Sixx's book has now been adapted for a stage play)

The just named cast for "The Dirt" includes: Rapper/Actor Machine Gun Kelly as Tommy Lee (Kelly has almost as many tattoos as Tommy!) Portraying Nickki Sixx will be English actor, Douglas Booth, who has appeared in a number of films including a movie about Culture Club singer Boy George.     Aussie actor Daniel Webber has been cast in the role of Vince Neil, who might be familiar to American audiences after his stint as Lee Harvey Oswald in the Stephen King adpated film about the Kennedy assasination, '11.22.63.' And as guitarist Mick Mars will be Iwan Rheon, whom watchers of HBO's 'Game of Thrones' will recognize as the dastardly Ramsay Bolton. Directing the film is Jeff Tremaine, who was the director/co-creator of the 'Jackass' TV shows and was one of the earliest believers and advocates for a film adaptation of "The Dirt." Coincidentally, Tremaine also produced the video documentary for The Crue's 2016 swan song concert performance, 'The End.' Rock On!