The Bills clean out their lockers

January 8, 2018

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) - The Bills had locker clean out day and meetings as the off season has begun. Players were still stung by the loss in Jacksonville and need time to put the season in perspective.

Everybody wanted to know if Kyle Williams had made a decision on his future. The defensive tackle said there is no timeframe, “I don’t have one. We’ll meet with the people that need to be met with and discuss and we’ll see where we go.

“None of us get to choose when we may or may not be done. I love to play the game and I love being a part of this football team, so it’s hard for me to go down that road because I haven’t really sat back and thought about it.”

Sunday was the first playoff game of Kyle Williams’s career. He said nothing needs to be said to the younger players, because they now know what it takes, “They realize it’s not easy, they see how the season can ebb and flow. We go through a hot start, we hit the bottom, we work our way out of it, so that’s what the NFL season looks like, so guys got a pretty good view of what this league is about and what success in this league takes.”

Tyrod Taylor could not talk to the media because he is in concussion protocol. Richie Incognito and LeSean McCoy did not make themselves available.

Incognito was accused of making a racial slur by Jacksonville’s Yannick Ngakoue. Eric Wood plays right next to Incognito and said, “I didn’t hear anything, I mean it was chippy out there. I know Dion tweeted something that he didn’t hear it and Richie’s done a lot in the past few years to restore his image and I hope it’s not all thrown away off of speculation.”

Wood was not happy that he wasn’t preparing for the New England Patriots this week, but he knows what this team did, “To end the drought is special, that was one of our goals heading into the year, so once we got into the dance, its’ obviously disappointing that we didn’t make anything of it in a game that was very winnable.

“Looking back, ending the drought feels great. I’m just so glad I won’t have to answer, so what’s different this year? How are we going to end the drought this year? Now it’s, OK, we’ve got a foundation to build on. Let’s keep improving and lets go try to win a Super Bowl.”

Kelvin Benjamin didn’t start the season with the Bills and played through a lot of pain to get to the end. He will have knee surgery to repair a ligament and face four to six weeks of rehab. With all that being said, he wished he was healthy so he could’ve helped more. “I don’t think I did a lot on the field because of the injury, but it was an adjustment and I like it, I like it here in Buffalo, so I’m going to prepare, get my body back right and come back and get ready for OTA’s.”

The offense only put up three points in Sunday’s game. Benjamin feels that changes will be made, “Offenses are made to score touchdowns, so we definitely got to get better at that. There’ll probably be changes and I know they definitely know they’ll focus on that.”

Lorenzo Alexander had maybe his best game all season against the Jags. He becomes a free agent, but he wants to stay right here, “That’s the plan for me, but the organization has to make a decision on whether or not they want to keep me and once that happens. I’ll have to earn my way back on this team, but the year doesn’t end until March, so I’ll be here getting treatment and working out.”

Alexander is one of the veterans that Sean McDermott counted on this season. He said, “We want to continue to build. I think Sean and the group here did a great job of changing the culture and breaking the 17-year drought was huge for us. We have a lot of core pieces here that helped do that, but in the NFL there’s a lot of turnover each and every year.”

No announcement has been made, but I would think McDermott will speak later this week.