Eric Wood is ready to face Dareus, Marrone, & the Jags

January 1, 2018

Bills center Eric Wood has been a Buffalo Bills for his entire career. Since he was drafted in 2009. He has never seen a playoff game with the team. Now he will. Wood and the Bills finish the 2017 regular season at 9-7, and with tiebreakers are headed to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Wood will lineup against his former teammate Marcell Dareus, former head coach Doug Marrone, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Wood joined Mike Schopp on Buffalo Football Monday. Here's some of the best from his visit.

On watching the end of the Bengals-Ravens game:
"The one that sticks out the most is watching the Bengals game in the locker room with the all the teammates and the 4th and 12 play just us going nuts. Them getting that defensive stop, that was about as much fun as I've ever had."

On Andy Dalton getting donations from Bills fans:
"I know he does a lot of good work in Cincinnati through his foundation. That's a pretty awesome gesture from Bills fans, it doesn't surprise me. They show up no matter what. Whether it's a foundation event, or in Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta, or when we get back last night."

On the threat of finishing his career without playoffs:
"I'm happy about it, obviously. I had nightmares of playing my entire career not making the playoffs. Just being tagged with the drought and that being the thing that pretty much defines my career. Thinking about that would give me anxiety."

On playing against his former coach Doug Marrone:
"I don't think we need any extra incentive this week. The passion will come regardless of the circumstances. So many on our team have no affiliation to Doug Marrone."

You can hear the entire segment with Wood below.