You Said It - 12/09

December 9, 2017

Both the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills are having their fair share of struggles this season, and fans are beginning to get restless. The Sabres finally got a win in Colorado on Tuesday, but followed it up with an overtime loss to Chicago on Friday. Meanwhile, the Bills failed to be competitive with the New England Patriots at home on Sunday in a 23-3 loss at New Era Field.

It's now time to check out some of the week's best tweets and texts from you, the listeners!


No love for Gronk:

- Your inability to spell has allowed us to share your comments.



- Someone call the hospital, tell them there's a burn victim on the way.


Unhappy Sabres fan:



Bills shovelers:

there’s definitely a lot that needs to be shoveled at 1 Bills Drive...

— Brenden ↙️↙️↙️ -- (@brendenstepien) December 9, 2017

- The snark is real.


Fantasy football fan:

- You're the fish that gets eaten by an orca.


On Rasmus Ristolainen's play:

Anybody watches 55 they will see he can’t protect the front of the net, gets in the way, is brutal in the corners and coughs up the puck. Can’t deny these facts.

— Johnny (@thetankworked) December 9, 2017

- Ristolainen has certainly played well since returning from injury.


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