Another 'New' JIMI HENDRIX LP Coming In March 2018!

'Both Sides of the Sky' completes 'Trilogy' of recent albums...

December 7, 2017

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With the literally dozens of albums released in the many years since his death in 1970, you might need to be reminded that JIMI HENDRIX released a total of only 3 albums while the legendary guitarist was alive... Now, (IMO) a bunch of those releases early on (with a few exceptions) were nothing more than a 'cash grab,' with existing Hendrix guitar tracks supplemented by bass and drum tracks recorded after the fact. However (also IMO), the quality, and the content of subsequent Hendrix releases improved greatly with albums that have been released more recently (2000-->), having content (completed songs, live performances, and many, many rarities) that's much more appealing to his fans, and serves the late rocker's legacy much better. That seems to be the case with the latest, upcoming release from Hendrix, 'Both Sides of the Sky,' which is set for release in March, 2018. This album will be the last in a 'trilogy' of Hendrix LPs that also includes 2010's 'Valleys of Neptune,' and 2013's 'People, Hell and Angels.' Legendary Engineer/Producer EDDIE KRAMER, who worked with Hendrix on every recording the guitarist made while alive, has once again overseen the production on this latest addition to the Hendrix canon, and he is also the caretaker of the Hendrix archives. (it should be noted that Mr. Kramer was not involved with many of the early post-death Hendrix albums...) Commenting on his work with the Hendrix recordings, Mr. Kramer remarked, “Jimi’s true home was the studio – that’s where the music and the magic happened He loved everything about recording, and it’s been my distinct pleasure and an honor to play a part in that process both then and now.” 'Both Sides of the Sky' will feature material from the years 1968-1970, recorded by Hendrix with drummer Buddy Miles, and his old army pal, Billy Cox on bass, who were eventually known as 'Band of Gypys.' There are 13 tracks on the new disc (see track listing below), with 10 of them previously unreleased, and there are guest appearances from STEPHEN STILLS and JOHNNY WINTER! Read more about the new Hendrix album HERE. Rock On!

Jimi Hendrix, 'Both Sides of the Sky' Track Listing
1. "Mannish Boy" (previously unreleased)
2. "Lover Man" (previously unreleased)
3. "Hear My Train A Comin'" (previously unreleased)
4. "Stepping Stone" (previously unreleased)
5. "$20 Fine" (previously unreleased, featuring Stephen Stills)
6. "Power Of Soul" (previously unavailable extended version)
7. "Jungle" (previously unreleased)
8. "Things I Used to Do" (featuring Johnny Winter)
9. "Georgia Blues" (featuring Lonnie Youngblood)
10. "Sweet Angel" (previously unreleased)
11. "Woodstock" (previously unreleased, featuring Stephen Stills)
12. "Send My Love To Linda" (previously unreleased)
13. "Cherokee Mist" (previously unreleased)