Eric Wood says Gronkowski hit was "classless"

December 4, 2017

Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood has been apart of many losses to the New England Patriots. Rarely has the Bills offense been limited like it was this past Sunday. The Bills only managed 3 points, and just 85 yards passing. Now 6-6 Wood is also familiar with the current status of "in the hunt". 

Wood made his regular Buffalo Football Monday appearance with Schopp and the Bulldog. Here's some of the best from his time with the guys. 

On the struggles on offense, compared to the defense:
"Our defense did an incredible job getting stops in the redzone, forcing them to score 3 when they did have drives especially in the first half. They gave us a chance and if we could've capitalized a couple times, taken a lead, it would've been a whole different story."

On how Tyrod fits in this offense:
"Running the ball with the quarterback isn't necessarily the Rick Dennison offense. It's drop back, play action, more stuff like that."​

On the wildcat with Joe Webb:
"We have different packages this week, thought it was an awesome package with Joe. Defenses are a whole lot less worried about Shady throwing it when he's back there. Hopefully that's a package we'll continue to see. It makes a defense prepare for something else."

On the Gronkowski hit:
"Rarely do you see a guy laying out of bounds, and you take a shot at him like that. It's dumb to do that. It's a classless play. Pretty uncharacteristic of him, when I saw the replay, it was extremely dirty. But we can't let it linger, have to move on, and we'll play them in a few weeks."

You can here the whole segment with Eric Wood below.