NO 'Fairy Tale' Reunion For Cinderella.

Singer Tom Keifer: "Issues between bandmembers..."

December 1, 2017

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It's been almost 2 dozen years since the last CINDERELLA album was released ('Still Climbing' in 1994), and other than a few sporadic concert dates back in 2010, the band has remained dormant, and 'off the radar.' However, Cinderella singer TOM KEIFER is touring on his own as a solo act, and enjoying his life and his work with a new band. Keifer's (critically acclaimed) debut solo album, 'The Way Life Goes' was recently re-issued as an expanded 'Deluxe' version, and the singer is feeling "renewed and inspired and loving the [solo] band that I'm in now and are working on and what we're doing." As one of the higher profile bands from the era that has been inactive for so long, it's not a surprise that some Cinderella fans are curious about the possibility of a reunion, but their hopes will be in vain as Keifer has once again shot down any talk of that happening. In a recent interview with the on-line music site, All That Shreds,' Keifer went on record as saying that the "issues" between the band members are "beyond repair." He added, "I'm pleased where I'm at now. There's been a lot of issues over the course of decades and build-up that is beyond repair at this point. So there won't be any reunion." In a show of humility and honesty, Cinderella guitarist, JEFF LaBAR recently took responsibility for the disintegration of the band, citing his excessive abuse of alcohol, and he has little or no contact with his former band mates.