Sgt. Pepper Jukebox A 'Must Have!' For Any Beatles Fan*

(*You also MUST HAVE about $12 Grand to get one...)

November 19, 2017

© Duncan Noakes Dreamstime

If a music lover has the cash, and a bunch of 45rpm records to stock it with, a jukebox is always a pretty cool thing...Even cooler, is if your jukebox is 'done up' completely in a BEATLES 'Sgt. Pepper' motif! That is exactly what the English company Sound Leisure is now offering, but only for a limited time... Sound Leisure has previously offered (fully licensed) BEATLES-themed jukeboxes: a Yellow Submarine Jukebox, and another designed after The Beatles animated cartoon show.  These custom made 'Analog Dream Machines' don't come cheap...You'll need to have about $12,000 to get one. However, coupled with the overall uniqueness of the unit is it's combination of 'old school' vinyl sound/technology and the latest digital conveniences and options. According to their website, the company's "unique rotating vinyl mechanism" used in the jukeboxes is a descendant of the original technology they developed in the 1970's, and they are currently the only company in the world that produces the mechanisms. Other 21st century conveniences include Infra-Red remote, Bluetooth (allows for other compatible devices to be 'streamed,') an on-board amp that powers a 5-speaker system, auxiliary input/output jacks, additional speaker outputs, and label making software. Watch the making of a Sgt. Pepper Jukebox below!