Hauschka is happy he chose Buffalo

November 8, 2017

Stephen Hauschka is having quite the season for the Bills, and making an impression on Bills fans. Hauschka is 16 of 18 on field goals this season, and hasn't missed an extra point. He has been named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week twice, in Weeks 3 and 4. Hauschka made some huge kicks this year, especially in the win over Atlanta. He's 5 of 5 from 50 yards or more. 

Hauschka joined Schopp and the Bulldog on Wednesday afternoon, here's some of the best from that segment.

On making the decision to come to Buffalo:
"First day of free agency the Bills called and I had to make a decision that day. And I'm glad I came here to Buffalo. We love it."

On icing kickers, and clutch kicks:
"I like getting extra time to prepare yourself mentally. There's so many distractions when your kicking, it's almost like blinders on a horse. You try not to make some kicks feel more important than others."

On there being so much kicker movement around the league:
"You can't control what the front office feels like. You look around at having a legacy, and it's hard to do. Not a lot of guys get to stick around in a place for a long time. It's about consistency and the mental focus. You have to be sharp, I work on my craft to be as sharp as I can. I enjoy trying to be the best."

On the state of anthem protests in the NFL:
"I think most of the players are at a point where they want to see progress. I think the heart of the players is in the right place, they want to see this country move forward, they want to see racial equality. I think players are taking ownership now too. They're doing things in the community, I've seen some of the most meaningful community work in the last year or two. It starts with individuals, but you have more and more guys getting involved."

On kicking in the Winter:
"I'm not scared of the cold. I grew up in it and went to school in Vermont."

You can listen to the entire interview with Hauschka below.