Beane: "You can't get a guy like Benjamin in the 3rd round"

November 1, 2017

Bills general manager Brandon Beane is certainly building a reputation as a deal maker. In his short time as GM, Beane has traded away the likes of Sammy Watkins, Marcell Dareus, Reggie Ragland, and Ronald Darby. Now Beane makes his first big acquisition, getting wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin from the Carolina Panthers, the team Beane spent almost two decades working for. 

Beane joined Howard and Jeremy, Wednesday morning to discuss the trade and the season as a whole. Here's some of the best of his visit:

On why he made the move now, to acquire Kelvin Benjamin:
"Benjamin is a wide receiver with experience, he's a #1, as big of a receiver as you'll find in the NFL. You always have to look at making moves to help you win now. This was an opportunity to help us, and we jumped on it."

On being familiar with Benjamin
"Sean and I both know who Kelvin is. Familiar with him in college through the scouting process. Don't know if we'd have done this deal if we didn't know who we were getting in return."

On Benjamin's health and weight (Benjamin passed his physical):
"Not worried about Benjamin's weight. He's been playing at a good weight all season. His knee is fine as we know of. Shouldn't be any issues going forward. He'll have a physical this morning."

On how the trade impacts the team long term:
"This move was not just made for 2017. We probably wouldn't have made the move if he wasn't under contract for next year. You can't get a guy like Benjamin in the 3rd round of the NFL Draft. Giving up what we did made sense."

On the great start to the season:
"This is such a close league, we're thrilled to be 5-2. We're still not where we want to get, but we're getting there."

You can listen to the entire segment with Beane below.