Eric Wood says McDermott different than past coaches

October 30, 2017

Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood has been apart of a couple Bills teams that had solid records in the first half of the season, see 2008 and 2011. Wood and the Bills currently are 5-2, and have a quick turnaround to play the New York Jets on Thursday night. Wood made his regular appearance with Schopp and the Bulldog on Buffalo Bills Football Monday, and discussed many things, from the insane amount of turnovers, to the culture Sean McDermott has built.

Here's some of the best of what Wood said:

On Tyrod Taylor's QB sneak:
"You can QB sneak a couple different ways. You can go quick over the top like Tyrod did, or you can try to get behind the offensive line and push."

On looking at the AFC standings:
"We talk about playoff caliber a lot. That's how we want to practice, and meet. We're never looking at standings in a meeting. We will talk about this being a divisional game and it's more important. I look at the standings, I know a lot of records. I want to know for routing interest."

On differences with Sean McDermott, compared to past coaches:
"I don't know if we've ever had a coach that stresses the day to day improvement like he has. No coach has talked as much about the culture we're trying to create. Guys just come in, recognize it, and adapt.

On the team's tremendous turnover margin:
"Law of averages says turnovers will get lower. I think our ratio will stay very high. We don't turn the ball over. You can create you own luck sometimes. We've jumped on some fumbles because our guys hustle to the ball, that's something we coach. There's little things that are creating luck, but I get it we are getting some bounces our way."

On the great start to the season:
"Stick to the process, keep getting better each week. They're not giving us a trophy for 5-2, we are definitely not getting rewarded at work. No days off or anything. We're very happy that we won yesterday, but we still have a long way to go."

You can hear the entire segment with Wood below.