Beane - "It was a good move for the Bills and a good move for Marcell"

October 27, 2017

The Buffalo Bills made a surprising deal on Friday night when they traded defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 2018 sixth round draft pick.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane was on a conference call after the trade had occurred, and had some interesting comments.

Beane stated right away that it was not Buffalo that initiated the trade talk, "Jacksonville reached out to us today and we thought about it and talked it through as an organization, and decided it was a good move for the Bills and a good move for Marcell."

Trading Dareus this season still left a hole in the depth at defensive tackle. However, Beane has faith in the group that is still there, citing the fact that Buffalo played against Denver without Dareus, "Obviously, we wouldn't have done it if we idn't feel that we had depth at the 'd-tackle' position. We kept 5 'd-tackles', they all have experience. They played the Denver game, Marcell was injured. We feel good about those guys going forward this year... that's why we felt compelled to go through with the move."

Of course, another thought was the potential of this trade being a salary dump to free up cap space. Beane did not deny that, saying that the cap played a part, "Every decision, from a roster standpoint, that you make, you have to consider what it does to your cap immediately and what it does in future years. I'd be lying if I said that was not in the equation." Beane also helped clear up what the cap situation is regarding Dareus' contract for this season and going forward, "We're still paying him a salary, so we'll get a credit for what he was owed this year... because that money was guaranteed."

With the trade deadline looming on October 31st and Beane's willingness to make moves this season, Beane was asked if there are plans to make more moves before the deadline, "There's nothing planned, but you never know. We're always looking to improve the Bills and that's first and foremost. If there's an opportunity between now and Tuesday (October 31st) to do something that helps us win immediately, we'll do it."

Hear the rest of the conference call from Brandon Beane meeting with the Buffalo media: