Bills get bounce back win

October 23, 2017

​Is it possible the Buffalo Bills fortunes are changing? Perhaps it's me being too happy after a win or maybe its the chocolate chip cookies I just ate, but yesterday's win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made me think there's a shift going on with this franchise.

We've seen the Bills lose that kind of game way too many times over the years, but lo and behold the 2017 version of the Bills made amends for blowing an 11-point second half lead.  

Tyrod Taylor, who is not known for leading fourth quarter come backs did just that. I'm not going to lie. When the Bucs went up 27-20, I was dreading another Bills Football Monday where we spend four hours talking about how they let another game get away.

But on the very first offensive play after the Bucs go ahead score, Taylor throws a perfect bomb to recently signed wide receiver Deonte Thompson. The Bills end up getting into the endzone on a LeSean McCoy run where the line opened up a hole large enough for a 17-year playoff drought to fit through.

But I could still hear that little negative voice in my head. Either that or it was Bulldog who looked at me and said 'I hope they didn't score too quick'.

The football gods would smile down on the Bills on this day. Tre'Davious White forces a fumble, the Bills go downfield and get a game-winning field goal from Stephen Hauschka and Buffalo stays in a playoff spot at 4-2.

The story of the game was the offense coming up big. Going into the game, I was wondering whether or not they could get more than 13 or 14 points. But the offense looked good as it put 30 points on the board and rolled up more than 400 yards. With the game on the line in the fourth quarter, the offense got points on three of four drives.

There were some unlikely heroes in the game like Thompson who was signed during the bye. The Bills played without their deep threat in Charles Clay, but Thompson filled the void. He had four catches for 107 yards while showing the ability to get free downfield, something the Bills sorely needed.  

How about Taiwan Jones? The little used running back came up with a critical third down conversion on the game winning drive. That allowed the Bills to take more time off the clock and led to Tampa having to eventually use their third and final timeout.

Rookie linebacker Matt Milano came up with an interception, one of three takeaways for the defense. One of those takeaways came as a result of a Ryan Davis strip sack of Winston.  

Quarterback turned tight end Logan Thomas came up with his first career NFL touchdown on a perfectly executed rub play.

That was a big win my friends. I don't know how the rest of the season will play out or whether or not the Bills will make the playoffs. But for a team that is trying to build something and shake some big time monkeys off their backs, a win like that is great for their confidence. They didn't fold when they went from up 11 to down seven. They went out, attacked, and found a way to get a victory.