From the locker room: Sabres - Golden Knights

October 18, 2017

Joe DiBiase reporting

Ryan O'Reilly got the monkey off his back with two goals, Evander Kane scored his 5th of the year to tie the game in the dying seconds, and Chad Johnson was unable to get back to back wins, in the Buffalo Sabres loss to the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday night. Hear what head coach Phil Housley had to say about the loss, along with O'Reilly, Kane, and Johnson below.

Ryan O'Reilly

On coming back to get one point, but not two: "We are lucky to get a point tonight, but we need to build off that last 10 (minutes). There wasn't much thinking involved, you start to get bounces, little things go your way, we could've had two (points)."

On what could have been improved:"There wasn't much thinking involved. Everyone was thinking, okay I'm going to go score a goal. It changes a lot of things, you get bounces. We're disappointed, for myself I don't think I played a good enough game defensively."

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Evander Kane

On the game tying goal: "You know we didn't have a lot of time left. Just wanted to hang around the net, saw a bouncing puck kind of in the air. Just trying to get some contact on it, and hand eye coordination worked."

On the comeback, and the struggles beforehand: "We played the way we need to play, unfortunately it took to the 3rd period to get going, we played in their zone the entire period. We can't wait until it's 4-1, to get pucks to the net, to play can't take periods off, you got to work."

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Chad Johnson

On facing Vegas for the first time: "Tip your hat to them, they came hard at us, got bodies to the net and put a lot of pressure on us. Got a lot of powerplays on us. Yeah, it was a difficult game there, but we battled back, stuck with it. Regardless of the score, we just kept pushing."

On the Golden Knights running out of gas: "You know third period, team is up 4-1 they usually sit back a little bit. You could tell they maybe weren't coming as hard as they were in the first 50 minutes. They sat back, we kept pushing forward and forward, and that's how we generated our chances. You could see the momentum on our side, and that's a positive for us."

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Phil Housley

On his teams game as a whole: "I think it's unacceptable the way we approached the game, the process was a little broken tonight. We fought to the end, which is good, but I don't feel we deserved to win that game."

When asked if his team was ready to play: "The message is clear. We have to get better as a group. Have to understand to win in the league, it requires a lot of preparation. Are you ready at the start of the game? We'll continue to work on that process.... Tonight the process was broken."

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