Housley: We need to be a smarter hockey team

October 11, 2017

The Buffalo Sabres are winless through three games in the 2017-18 season. There was a lot of talk during the offseason about the improvements on defense, and so far that has not shown up. The Sabres are tied for last in the NHL in goals given up with 15. Head coach Phil Housley joined Howard & Jeremy on Wednesday morning to discuss the early season struggles. Here are some of his best quotes:

"We've got to keep our game simple. We're trying to make plays that are not high percentage plays. We've got to protect the puck a little bit better. We're using our energy in the wrong area. We want to continue to hammer our message about being a smarter hockey team."

"When teams are pushing and we're under siege, we have to create our own push back. Right now we're accepting too much of the push. We have to face the fact that every team is a hard working team, you know they're trying to win a hockey game as well."

"Have to put the puck decisions in the players hands. That's part of every guy's offensive game, creativity.  Also, there's a responsibility that comes with that. It's not putting your teammates in a position where you have to go back and defend."

"We're giving up too many odd man rushes and second chance opportunities in front of the net. We have to clean that area up first before we can start worrying about the offensive end. The more we defend, the more offensive chances we're going to get."


If you missed Housley on Howard & Jeremy you can listen to it, in it's entirety below: