THE DOORS' 'Strange Days' LP Gets 50th Anniversary Edition.

First time album's 'Mono' mix is offered on CD!

September 26, 2017

Usa Pyon | Dreamstime

In September of 1967, THE DOORS released their 2nd album, 'Strange Days' almost 8 months after their wildly successful first album debuted in January of that year. Now, a 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of 'Strange Days' will once again follow it's predecessor, the 'Deluxe' version of which was released earlier this year. Similar to the The Doors 1st album re-issue, this set will also NOT have any bonus songs or any extras (except for some photos and new album liner notes), but will for the first time (on CD) offer a mono mix of the album, and the first remastering of the original, stereo mix in 30 years. The 'Strange Days' album produced 2 Top 30 songs for The Doors--'People Are Strange,' and 'Love Me Two Times,' and the album reached #3 on the Top 200 U.S. Album Chart. Contents of the Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition will include 2 CDs, one in stereo and one featuring the mono mix. A vinyl copy with the mono mix is also included. The set will also be available as a single vinyl release, digital download, and 2 CD set. The 'Strange Days' deluxe Set will be available November 17th and can be pre-ordered here. Rock On!