Ted's Blog: Phelps VS Shark

July 26, 2017

This whole thing of Michael Phelps racing a Great White shark has me all fired up. I understand that common sense would tell me that he could not be in the water with an actual Great White to race it side by side, but Phelps and Discovery Channel were both pretty good at making it seem like that is what was going to happen. I get how TV works and honestly we do the same in radio and we tease things, but this shark fiasco was a much higher level and I feel duped. For months leading up to the race, Discovery Channel did a good job of talking about the race without giving out to many details. Today I read that Discovery Channel says they never said it would be side by side which is true, but to act like they did not make people think he was racing a real shark is crazy. I say well done on getting everyone including me to get fired up about it, but I also think it is crazy to be shocked that people are upset. Did I honestly think he was going to be in open water with sharks? Maybe, hell how do I know? Only a couple years ago a guy jumped from space and landed back on Earth and that was just for Red Bull so I thought maybe Phelps can be safe in the water with a real shark. 

I truly do understand both sides of this argument though. I am on the side that in no way did I want to see the best Olympian ever get eaten, but the fact it was no real shark and just a shark simulation was a let down. What if there was some way to get them both in some type of lanes and run this thing back? I think the other question is - Would we all fall for it again or are we just the goofs that fell for it? I do have to give credit to Michael Phelps to actually swimming in the 53 degree water off of South Africa, but damn it man I want to see a human racing a real SHARK....