Ted's Blog: Tennis Buffy

July 20, 2017

I mean, I'm kind of making a joke here in having titled this 'Tennis Buff-y'. I am not the biggest tennis fan in the world, but I always enjoy watching one person dominate their profession. Roger Federer is a beast and now eight time Wimbledon Champion. Federer has also won nineteen Grand Slams. To me, it's a no-brainer to say he is the greatest tennis player of all time. (Side note: I was going to add that it is crazy he continues to win this much at his age, but then realized he is younger than I am. I am 36 for the record.) I appreciate anyone who can dominate a sport like that, and I think sometimes for someone like me who doesn't watch tennis, I don't fully get what he's doing there. I say this because I just assume that Roger Federer will win Wimbledon minus the couple years that that Novak Djokovic surprised him in an upset. Congrats to Roger Federer for all his greatness and I am sure he will be winning for a little longer as well!

I never played tennis on any competitive level, but always enjoyed the game and playing it growing up. In College Park, we had some tennis courts and my brother and I would go down there and play sometimes. I always grew up playing baseball so tennis was tough since I would just hit it like a baseball (which is not how you play tennis). I even remember playing with some people and returning a shot back at someone and it hit them in the chest. My brother was not happy, as this was his new girlfriend, aka his now wife. Hell, one time I had only been dating a girl for a couple months and bragged about how I was good at tennis, and you guessed it  - she beat me. I have not played in a while, but maybe it is time to get the rackets back out. What? Too Tennis Buff-y?