Will LOU GRAMM Play A 'Bigger' Role in Foreigner's 40th Anniversary Tour?

Looks like there'll be MORE participation than originally proposed...

June 9, 2017

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At first, it seemed that any inclusion of LOU GRAMM and other 'original' FOREIGNER members in the upcoming Foreigner 40th Anniversary Tour was going to be minimal, more of an ‘acknowledgement’ of the band’s previous history rather than a fuller participation in the shows…However, in a recent interview on satellite radio that was revealed on the website, Blabbermouth, LOU GRAMM stated that, after lengthy talks with group founder/guitarist/songwriter, MICK JONES, it appears that the involvement of Lou and other past FOREIGNER band members will actually have a bigger role than previously thought… Lou went on record saying, “I think there’s a number of the original band members that still play their instruments, and I think that if I make an appearance, it will be with the rest of the band, the original band. And we’ll do half a dozen songs and then maybe do some things with his band.” This is GREAT news, considering that it was originally planned for Lou to appear at maybe 2 shows during the entire 40th Anniversary Tour, and then only for 1 or 2 songs! And although LOU GRAMM has been asked not to “give specifics” of what and where the appearances will take place, he did say that it would most likely happen at “a few shows in the summer and a few in the fall at venues where we used to play back in the day and that were really big for us.”  So, how would the show be arranged? Again to LOU GRAMM: “The original members, [including] myself and Mick, of course, will perform 35, 40 minutes, maybe we’ll do seven or eight songs, and then that will end, and [Mick’s] current band will go on and finish the night. And I think for the encore, there might be some sort of a jam session with all the members onstage.” IMO, THIS…is how it should be! It wouldn’t be fair (or right) for the fans who grew up with the music of FOREIGNER with the VOICE of LOU GRAMM, and now, that fantastic and incredibly successful era of one of the great Classic Rock bands will be more appropriately represented and honored. Rock On!