Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows You're Offensive

June 6, 2017


Day 1 of national syndication. This is good. Needless to say, it doesn't just "happen". So with that in mind, know that for last few weeks we have been involved in (what feels like) a million different meetings. A lot goes into this and no detail is left out. the show begins today and we have a brand new phone number (844 999 HOLA)...except that, in spite of the countless meetings we've had, the phone number was the LAST thing we found out. Seriously. They gave us A number, but it wasn't the right one!  

Again, this was the very beginning of the we're all setting up the show while simultaneously calling various phone numbers in an attempt to connect with our own show.

Luckily, about 30 seconds before we invited you to call, we figured out the number! That's how we roll.

Ah, so as the show begins it's national broadcast, we're also in the process of physically moving our studios. I know, I've been babbling about for the last few days...but bare with me, mofo. As I've stated before, during the move we've found every Question of the Day we've asked over the last 12 years.  

Last week, I posted our first ever: 'Would you rather be dumped BY a midget or FOR a midget?'

Based on your comments, you, like me, are torn.

Here's a question I found from 2012:

What word or phrase did you use to use until you found out it was offensive?  

Seems that this link was the inspiration:…

For me, the word was 'gyped'. Never knew it was reference to Gypsies (Roma) and their "questionable" business practices. My bad!

OK, I'm outta here.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!