RITCHIE BLACKMORE "I Would Play w/ Deep Purple Again..."

But, Legendary Guitarist Not 'Waiting By The Phone..."

May 26, 2017

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I can't imagine there's a DEEP PURPLE Fan anywhere that wouldn't wanna see a reunion of RITCHIE BLACKMORE with the heritage, legendary band he founded back in 1968, and then famously left. Twice. (1975 & 1993) And to be honest, it's not something that Mr. Blackmore himself ever imagined, but in recent years, the guitarist has let go of the bad feelings that followed his departure from DEEP PURPLE, and in a recent interview with The Guardian, he has gone on record as saying that he "bears no malice" and expressed his willingness to once again play with DEEP PURPLE...if he is asked. However, of that possibility, BLACKMORE said, “It’s probably not probable, though.” In the meantime, the guitarist has been keeping busy with his revamped version of RAINBOW, with 2 new recordings ready for release and 4 planned concerts this summer in England... Here's something else about RITCHIE BLACKMORE: He doesn't like to have "Fun." In his interview he said, “I work very hard at not having fun,” Blackmore noted. “I don’t think the world is a fun place. I’m very content in my own mind – but fun, I’m not too sure about. I don’t quite know what fun is. I don’t know why I should walk around with a perpetual grin on my face, saying everything’s wonderful. I just don’t fit into the fun area. A lot of musicians go, ‘That was fun.’ I like to think that music is very serious. It’s not fun. I’m not one of those guys that likes jamming with people and having fun. Music is too serious. I don’t feel like I can relate if I’m having fun.” Okay then. He doesn't like having fun. But...how MUCH fun would it be for DEEP PURPLE fans if he did play with them again?! Here's hoping!  Rock On!