NEW Documentary Focuses On 1 of Rock's Top Photographers...

Film about MICK ROCK debuts this month (April)

April 3, 2017

Erik Reis/ Dreamstime

Chances are, there's at least 1, if not more, spectacular photo images of your favorite performer that you really, really like...there are almost as many iconic, memorable photos/posters/album covers, etc. as there are bands & performers! Rock Photography is an Art form in and of itself! The photographers themselves become a sort of "Rock Star" too, altho not very many...And, not many become the subject of a documentary film about your photography. MICK ROCK is one of those top Rock Photogs, and his life and art from over the decades will be featured in the documentary, "Shot," which will debut simultaneously on the streaming/downloading services of Amazon Video, OnDemand, and iTunes, as well as showings in select theaters. The film offers a "look behind the camera," and while the film is about Mick Rock's photography, it also delves into the relationships he had with his subjects. Some of Mr. Rock's most memorable and famous photos grace the covers of albums by IGGY POP, DAVID BOWIE, QUEEN, The RAMONES, & BLONDIE.

Here's the movie's official website: