From the Locker Room: Sabres-Senators

February 14, 2017
Read reaction from Justin Bailey and Robin Lehner after Buffalo's 3-2 win over the Senators on Tuesday.

Justin Bailey
"It was a great job by [McCabe]. I can't say that enough. That doesn't go unnoted when a defenseman can get the puck to the net like that. I was just standing there and was fortunate enough to tip it in."

"We came in after the 2nd and we weren't discouraged. We knew that the game was right there. We had been doing a lot of good things all night. We just stuck to our gameplan. Jack's line did a great job of getting that goal early in the 3rd to kind of set the tone for us and I was fortunate enough to get that one at the end."

"Since I've been up, I've had a lot of chances. I've been skating well, I've been making plays. Any time you play with two great players like [O'Reilly] and [Okposo], you know the chances are going to be there. I just try to not get frustrated. I remind myself that I can score goals, I'm capable of doing it, and the time will come."

Robin Lehner
"We didn't panic in the 2nd. It was a good feeling here. It's a 2-1 game on the road, that's not a bad situation. We came back, we scored a goal, they went a little bit on their heels and Bailey had a huge tip."

"They came down hard the last five minutes and they threw a lot at the net. They turned it up. We can't expect teams not to have push against us. We want to limit things, and sometimes we give them a little bit more by maybe a turnover or me having a bad rebound."

"It's a process. We're trying to learn every day. This means nothing, but we gotta learn from our mistakes here today and try to get a little bit better and focus on the next game."