DEEP PURPLE Having Trouble 'Reconciling" Their Last Tour

They realize that 'Nothing Lasts Forever...''

March 1, 2017

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DEEP PURPLE, one of the GREAT Rock Bands acknowledged as a 'Cornerstone' of British Hard Rock, are still out there rockin' and recording--a new album, 'Infinite' will be released in April, and the band is beginning the U.S. leg of their 'Long Goodbye Tour' in August. As with many of their peers in Rock & Roll, the members of DEEP PURPLE are dealing with their increasing age, the loss of original members, and the sad, yet undeniable fact that 'the end (of the band) is near..."  In a recent interview, original Purple members IAN PAICE and ROGER GLOVER discussed the fact that this tour will be "their last," and while it's not difficult for them to tour and perform, what really makes them uneasy is that at some point, they will no longer be able continue what they have done and enjoyed since they were young, and that's what is hardest for them to reconcile with themselves... Both Glover and Paice feel that "There’s going to be a day in the not-so-far future when it is going to be ‘the last.’ That’s an emotional strain that I don’t think any one of us are brave enough to say ‘This is the date.’ But we are thinking… not thinking, we are realizing that time is creeping up every day that goes on, those numbers mount up. It’s inevitable. I know we feel differently about this, but this will be the last big major world tour."

Check out the entire interview w/ ROGER GLOVER & IAN PAICE of DEEP PURPLE: